Privacy Statement (GDPR EU 2016-679)

Equipe Marine, with registered office in Piazzetta dell’imbarcadero, 33 – 33053 Aprilia Marittima, Udine, Italy, (the “Company” or the “Data Controller” ) undertakes to comply with the regulations regarding personal data by providing the following information on the processing of any data obtained or held by the Company through previous contacts in order to maintain business relationships with regard to the sale and purchase of boats.

Our aim and therefore the purpose of data processing, is solely to present our products to you and tailor them to your boating needs and specifications. To this end, your personal data will only be used for the purposes of corresponding with you (name-surname, telephone numbers, home and email addresses) and of maintaining business transactions (tax id number/VAT number). By understanding your boating requirements from the enquiries we have received directly from you or from websites that show our adverts, we create a “nautical profile” for you, describing in detail the type, features and range of boats that may be of interest to you. Data processing includes an automated process intended to connect the boats, which can be supplied to you directly or indirectly, with your “nautical profile” in order to tailor our solutions to your individual requirements.

The Data controller will ensure that your personal data will not be used for different purposes from those described above or will not be passed on to third parties, except for any organisations legally entitled to do so. The Data Controller will process your personal data using mainly CRM services provided by Digibusiness SRL ( is an IT system designed for “Customer Relation Management” in boating). By signing the contract with the Data Controller has formally nominated Digibusiness SRL as the external Data Processor. Digibusiness SRL is based in Strada Consortile 2, Collecchio (PR – Italy). The data processing method used by this system guarantees compliance with the EU GDPR 2016-679, in terms of data security and protection, as documented in a specific document published on the website under the Privacy section.

The data subject has the right to be informed, at any time, if the Company holds his or her personal data, and can object to data processing or demand that all personal data held by the Data Controller be erased, amended, or updated, by exercising his or her right to restrict processing and the right to data portability.

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Legislative Decree 196/03 for privacy protection
Owner and Responsible entity for the data processing

Under Article. 13, paragraph 1, lett. f) of Legislative Decree 30.06.2003, n. 196, the following is specified for the benefit of parties whose personal data processed by “Equipe Marine srl” with registered offices in Piazzetta dell’Imbarcadero, 33 33053 località Aprilia Marittima Latisana (UD) ITALY E.U. Tel. +39 0431 53285 Fax +39 0431 522612 VAT code 02266730304 .
Owner entity of the processing of personal data is “Equipe Marine Srl”, represented by its President. The physical person currently acting as the legal representative of is “Equipe Marine srl”, is the president Claudio Panizzuti, residing for this purpose at “Equipe Marine srl” with registered offices in Piazzetta dell’Imbarcadero, 33 33053 località Aprilia Marittima Latisana (UD) ITALY E.U. Tel. +39 0431 53285 Fax +39 0431 522612 VAT code 02266730304 .
“Equipe Marine Srl” is president Claudio Panizzuti, residing for this purpose at ” Equipe Marine S.r.l.” with registered offices in Piazzetta dell’Imbarcadero, 33 33053 località Aprilia Marittima Latisana (UD) ITALY E.U. Tel. +39 0431 53285 Fax +39 0431 522612 VAT code 02266730304 .


“Equipe Marine Srl”, represented by Claudio Panizzuti, residing for this purpose at ” Equipe Marine S.r.l.” with registered offices in Piazzetta dell’Imbarcadero, 33 33053 località Aprilia Marittima Latisana (UD) ITALY E.U. Tel. +39 0431 53285 Fax +39 0431 522612 VAT code 02266730304 , informs that all the information contained in this website has been carefully checked to ensure the accuracy of data, texts and illustrations contained herein; however we cannot exclude involuntary errors and omissions, for which the Company ” Equipe Marine S.r.l.” undertakes no responsibility or provide no guarantee.
“Equipe Marine Srl” assumes no responsibility for failure to update the information contained in the website and reserves the right to correct, update and modify the information at any time without prior notice. The information contained in this site does not constitute neither an appeal to the public saving nor, in general, contractual declarations and are therefore devoid of any legal and / or juridical effect. Acts or facts, arising on the basis of, or in relation to such information, commit only their authors.
“Equipe Marine Srl” disclaims all liability for damages and / or prejudices, of commercial and financial nature, resulting from accessing to this website and / or using of the information.
Anyone who modifies or alters, for any purpose, the pages of this site is liable for any possible damages to third parties for improper use of the data arising from such modifications or alterations.
The information is the property of “Equipe Marine Srl” and its reproduction, storage and / or adaptation, in whole or in part, in any manner, it is not permitted without written permission of “Equipe Marine Srl”.

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